A Flemish `Teniers' tapestry, after David Teniers the Younger, Brussels. “Card players” in the village yard. The design used to create this tapestry were inspired by the paintings of the Flemish artist David Teniers II (1610–1690). His designs depict everyday scenes of country life. Fine weave, executed in wool and silk. Characteristic rich and clear color palette. Late 17th century. Reduced in size, H. 258 cm. W. 188 cm.

David Teniers the Younger(1610–1690), was a famous Flemish 17th-century painter of peasant life. Popular commissions from the late 17th century to the mid-18th century, were woven by many Brussels weavers and it is difficult to identify which workshop or town produced individual tapestries.


20,000–25,000 DKK


Price realised

26,000 DKK