Unknown photographer: An original b/w press photograph of the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945) during the signing of The Conscription Act of September 16, 1940. Back with related press cutting and publication date (September 16, 1940). Photo size 24×20 cm. Frame size 43×33 cm.

The US may not have entered World War II before December 1941 - after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - yet the clouds grew darker and darker throughout 1940. Germany had occupied vast parts of Western Europe - Denmark included - and no one could catch sight of peace anymore. President Roosevelt, at this point already a doomed man, was strongly English orientated and by introducing the conscription law - the first ever in peace time - he, metaphorically speaking, drew his country closer to the isolated Britain.

Seller informs

This is an original American press photograph from 1940, which has a slightly wavy surface, a few pressure marks and a through-going crease in the right side. Back somewhat discoloured and stained. Furthermore normal signs of handling.

Please note that Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers has not physically examined this item, the estimate is solely based on the seller’s photographic material. Therefore, we cannot provide a description of the condition, and it is not possible to request a report on the item’s condition.


Art, antiques & collector's items, 21 January 2021


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