An antique Borjalou Kasak rug, Caucasus. An early stunning Borjalou collectors piece with the classical dramatic polycrome latch-hook border as wide as the central field, red centre field with two hooked rhombus medallions in varying colors. This piece contains a great palette of strong and clear natural colors including a powerful aubergine color. Second half 19th century. 203×147 cm.

Literature: Bennett/Aziz Bassoul. Rugs of the Caucasus. Libanon 2003. Related ex. p. 15, p. 78. Ulrich Schurmann/Kurt Erdmann. Caucasian Rugs. Published by Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe. Hamburg, 1961. P. 11, p. 76–77. Doris Eder. Orientteppiche, Band 1: Kaukasische Teppiche. Munich 1990. P. 39–43, p. 104–107.


Taking the age in consideration, the rug appears in rather good and complete condition. The rug has partly original edges/some parts repaired/later overcasted. Both ends appears original(one end complete to the last knot but with missing front weaving, the other end with missing outer black and white line, last 2 cm). The piece has no major repairs/repilings. The rugs has minor mendings, a few repairs at foundation and minor repiled areas. The pile is generally medium with some low areas. All remarks are mentioned here, pointed out/marked with a black pen on the attached black and white image. Futhermore remarks documented with individual images. If you need anything further elaborate please let me know.


Antiquities, furniture, decorative art, carpets and books, 22 September 2021


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