A collection of gold comprising a bangle of app. 15.5k gold, a ring of app. 15.2k gold, a pendant of app. 12.9k gold in the shape of a heart and two brooches respectively of 14k and 18k gold. Accompanied by a gilded brooch and a pendant in the shape of an orchid. Bangle W. app. 3.4 cm. Diam. app. 6.4 cm. Weight app. 143.0 g. Ring W. app. 2.6 cm. Weight app. 28.7 g. Size. app. 66. Pendant L. incl. eye-let app. 4.0×3.2 cm. Weight app. 25.1 g. Round brooch of 14k gold. Weight app. 7.8 g. Diam. app. 3.7 cm. Brooch of 18k gold in the shape of a bird. Weight app. 9.2 g. L. app. 6.5 cm. (7)

Accompanied by transcripts from tests made by Nyfortuna.


Minimal wear due to age and use.


50,000 kr.

Price realised

Not sold