Joachim Gottfried Wilhelm Weitlandt (b. 1756, d. 1821?)

Living room interior with a family in silhouette, in the centre a Liselund mirror with mirror effect. Signed and dated Weitlandt fec. 1797. Reverse glass painting in colour and gold. Oval. Visible size 48×38 cm.

J. G. W. Weitlandt was presumably born in Germany and lived in Copenhagen from 1784 to c. 1816. In his reverse glass paintings he gives a charming insight into the interiors and fashion of his age. Weitlandt also executed several reverse glass paintings of King Frederik VI and his family, executed in a similar style to this.


A few minor retouches. Crackles and surface scratches on the mirror. Some discolouration.


6,000–8,000 kr.


Price realised

4,000 kr.  

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4,000 kr.
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