Leon Galleto (b. Strasbourg 1931, d. Sonoma, California 2009)

Eva Stæhr-Nielsen (b. Frederiksberg 1911, d. 1976)

A small teapot, two small bowls and a little frogg figure of stoneware. Decorated with resp. greyish white glaze, turquoise green glaze with resp. brown and blue elements and with dark brown glaze. Teapot's handle of bamboo with wicker, made and marked by Saxbo, Danmark 50. H. incl. handle 14.5 cm. Round bowl with relief decor signed E.ST.N., made and marked by Saxbo, Denmark, 26. H. 5.5 cm. Diam. 7.2 cm. Small four-sided bowl signed E.ST.N., 73. Made and marked by Saxbo, Denmark. H. 2 cm. W. 6.5 cm. L. 6.7 cm. Frogg stamp signed Galleto, 913. Made and marked by Saxbo, Denmark. H. max. 3.5 cm. L. 7.5 cm. Made resp. 1937–1949 and 1950–1968. (4)


Normal patina due to age and use, including scratches and marks. Teapot with traces of use and surface crackles in the glaze on the inside.


3,000–4,000 DKK


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4,600 DKK  

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