Bodil Eje (b. København 1931, d. 2006)

Alfred Klitgaard (b. Århus 1926, d. 2005)

Rectangular Brazilian rosewood box. Lid top inlaid with copper decorated with polychrome enamel. Inside with adjustable compartments. Signed Eje. Box stamped Klitgaard, Denmark. Unique. H. 5.5 cm. W. 14.8 cm. L. 30 cm.

CITES-certificate valid for transport and re-sale within the European Union included.

This lot is subject to Artist's Royalty.

The outer surface faded due to sunlight.

Items that are made of Brazilian rosewood or contain parts of it, require a CITES export permit in order to be exported from Denmark to a country outside The European Union. Buyers residing outside the European Union are required to obtain this permit.

In Havnen

Delivery in the United States from 650 kr. provided the final price does not exceed 50,000 kr.

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2,000–3,000 kr.

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