Louis Recordon 18k gold key-wind repeater pocket watch, engine-turned case with ribbed band, engine-turned golden dial with Roman numerals, movement engraved SF, dust cover of gold marked Recordon, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, London. Cases hallmarked FC FHB. London 1811–1812. Weight 96 g. Case diam. 47 mm.

Louis Recordon (1756–1826). Født i Schweiz men flyttede til London hvor han åbnede værksted omkring 1778. LR var Breguets repræsentant i London og den første i England til at fremstille et mekanisk lommeur.


The watch can be wound but the hands does not move/can not be set and the repetition can not be activated by the push-and-pull piston. We do not guarantee for the functionality. Key included, fastened in a chain to the bow.

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12,000–15,000 kr.

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