Søren Solkær (b. 1969)

“Black Sun #65”, 2020. Signed Søren Solkær 2/5. Permanent ink jet on handmade Japanese washi paper. Sheet size 49,5×65,5 cm.

Søren Solkær is a Danish photographer, born in 1969. He has been working with a global profile since 1996. Søren is best known for his distinctive portraits of musicians. He is most recognized as the man responsible for various iconic images of Björk, The White Stripes, Paul McCartney, David Lynch, Amy Winehouse, Pharrell Williams, Adele and Patti Smith. Søren's photography is characterized by finding a tension point between intimacy and edginess. His portraits are often regarded as cinematic in tone with a distinctive color palette. The inspirations for his style as a photographer are ranging from filmmakers David Lynch and Wong Kar-Wai through to the works of photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia and painter Caspar David Friedrich.


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Please notice that the work is part of the charity auction to benefit Børns Vilkår and the campaign “Small Children's Voices” in collaboration with “Curated by Jens-Peter Brask”.


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