A Swedish military small-sword for an officers of cavalry c 1840 with a c 80,5 cm long single edged blade as well as an interesting 18th cent. iron mounted hunting hanger with a grip in staghorn incorporating a flintlock cock and a c 57 cm long single edged blade mounted on one side with a c 9 cm long pistol barrel in calibre c 10 mm rifled with 8 grooves and on the other side with a pan and pancover.


The blade of the small-sword is rustmarked and the scabbard is missing its lower part. The hunting hangher is rusty and the cock cannot stand in its rests.

For the purchased lot we require an import permit from your home country authority. If the buyer of this auction lot lives outside of Denmark, the pick up of the lot can only be conducted by an authorized forwarding agent with a weapons license.


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