A pair of brass mounted miquelet pistols by Juan Plat c 1780.


A pair of brass mounted miquelet pistols by Juan Plat c 1780. Butt caps with silver finals decorated with rocailles and long spurs, slightly engraved lock plates marked ITOT?, trigger guards ending in vases and inlaid with pewter engraved with flowers, engraved side plates with an iron strap between the screws, c 24 cm long two stage barrels in calibre c 17 mm inlaid with silver flowers above the powder chamber and on one barrel the mark of Juan Prat - the other is smooth and faintly engraved with letters. The stocks are carved with flowers by the tangs and the original wooden ramrods is held by two brass pipes.

Juan Prat var ifølge Støckel virksom ca. 1780–1800 i Ripoli


One butt cap with a damaged final, a minor crack by the side plate on one pistol, all iron ligthly spotted.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 25 November 2019




8,000–10,000 kr.


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16,000 kr.

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