The Dying Gaul, patinated bronze figure on profiled red marble base. Italy, second half of the 19th century. H. 30 cm. L. 48.5 cm. W. 25 cm.

The figure is modeled on an antique Roman marble statue discovered in the 17th century, which today can be viewed in the Capitoline Museums, Rome and is a copy of a lost original bronze in Hellenisic style, erected C. 200 B.C. in Pergamon, Asia Minor by king Attalos after his victory over invading Gauls. The popularity of the marble figure has since the 18th century led to the production of many replicas, of which the bronze offered here is a fine example.


Wear due to age and use.


Furniture, carpets, silver, ceramics & glass, 4 December 2020


15,000–20,000 kr.

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