Hans J. Wegner: “AT 314”. A teak dining table with fold down leaves, oak frame with cross legs and brass stretchers. H. 71.5. L. 190/310. W. 106 cm.


“AT 314”. A teak dining table with fold down leaves, mounted on oak frame with cross legs and brass stretchers. This example manufactured 1960s by Andreas Tuck, Odense. Stamped 6. April 1966. H. 71.5 cm. L. 190/310 cm. W. 106 cm.

Literature: “Dansk Kunsthåndværk”, no. 1–1958.

Literature: Christian Holmsted Olesen, “Wegner - Bare een god stol”, ill. and mentioned p. 241.

Hans J. Wegner is undoubtedly most famous for his many chairs. But he also designed a gamut of tables and with the same degree of accuracy. To Wegner, the most important part of this type of furniture was not the table top, but rather what was underneath. For the supporting structure of the tables, he was as usual inspired by furniture designs of the past. Cross legs have a long tradition in the history of furniture; they are, for example, known from 17th century Spanish tables. Wegner used these cross legs for the almost graceful Sabre Leg Table from 1955, which was later reproduced in numerous forms. Wegner was focused on ensuring the stability of the pieces that he designed, and in this case he used brass stretchers to provide support - but as always in a way that made the result appear effortless and beautiful.


Wear due to age and use. Marks and scratches. Damp marks. Cracks in one end flap. Some wormholes on top. Longitudinal wooden struts on the underside with many wormholes.


Modern art and design, 12 November 2019


Modern furniture


Hans J. Wegner (b. Tønder 1914, d. Gentofte 2007)


30,000–40,000 kr.


Price realised

60,000 kr.

17 bids

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857321 60,000 kr.
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857321 50,000 kr.
935449 (Auto bid) 48,000 kr.
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