A signed and dated Tabriz carpet, Persia. A rare wild life and huntsmen scenery. Signed: Executed on order by Sadeghiani. 1920–1930. 387×285 cm.

The Sadeghiani carpet company, Sad (in Persian 100)Aghaian (Gentlemen)was a tribe near Shiraz, which in time of Nader shah they moved to Salmas(NW) and built the Sadeghian town which became part of Salmas. Later Haj Muhammad Sadeghiani moved to Tabriz in Qajar time and his sons became involved in carpet business like Haj hamd and Haj Ahmad. Haj Hamd had a son Haj Karim who built the biggest carpet factory in Tabriz in shotorban area ...from Ahmad his son Haj Ali Akbar Sadeghiani was highly involved with carpet business. They were involved with Benlian orders to make carpets for USA and also highly involved With Castelli brothers Company.


Antiquities, furniture, decorative art, carpets and books, 22 September 2021


25,000–30,000 DKK


Price realised

48,000 DKK