Frederik Rostgaard (publisher): Lex regia det er: Den souveraine Konge-Lov, sat og given af den Stoormegtigste Höjbaarne Fyrste og Herre Herr Friderich Den Tredie [...]. og af Hans Maj. underskreven d. 14. Novemb. 1665. [...]. Tryk at vorde publiceret den 4. Septemb. Aar 1709. [...]. Elephant folio. 19 engraved leaves. Each page has the text framed by an ornamental border which shows different animals symbolizing the countries in which the law was effective. Text was engraved by Michael Røg, the illustrations and ornaments by Andreas Reinhardt, using designs by Claus Møinichen. All leaves repaired and with wear. Bound in royal donation binding in cont. full red morocco with gilt, crowned monogram of king Frederic IV of Denmark on both boards. Binding with wear due to age. With engraved book plate from E.A. v.B (von Bertouch) and autograph note with dedication from Ida Hammershøi to Peter Olufsen. Olufsen was married to Kamma Sophie Ilsted, who was the daugther of Ida’s brother, the artist Peter Ilsted.

In the beginning of the 18th century it became the fashion to print entire books using copperplates. An excellent Danish example of this technique is the King’s Law, the Constitution of Danish absolute monarchy, made during the reign of Frederik III in the 1660’s by Peder Schumacher, but not printed until 1709. Two kinds of bindings were made, one for royal persons and the intimates of the King and one for officials etc.

Provenance: E.A.von Bertouch, after that Ida and Wilhelm Hammershøi, later Flemming Erik Pedersen (1931–2020).


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28,000 kr.