893/​924 Børge Mogensen: “Hunting Chair”. A very rare and early lounge chair of solid, patinated oak. Seat and back with original patinated natural leather.


“Hunting Chair”. A very rare and early example lounge chair of solid, patinated oak. Seat and back with original patinated natural leather, made and stamped by saddle maker Dahlman. Designed 1950. Prototype made 1950 by cabinetmaker Erhard Rasmussen.

Provenance: Master saddle maker Willy Hendriksen, hence by descent in the family. The first three examples of the “Hunting Chair” was made in collaboration between Børge Mogensen, Knud Rasmussen from Erhard Rasmussen cabinetmakers and Willy Hendriksen from Saddle Maker Dahlman. They each received a prototype example of the model. It was Royal saddle maker “Brødrene F. & L. Dahlman's Eft.” who made the leatherwork on all 12 examples of the “Hunting Chair", where the frame was made by cabinetmaker Erhard Rasmussen. The leatherwork on these first examples was consequently in a very fine quality, in terms of craftsmanship on par with the wooden frames supplied by Erhard Rasmussen. The leather was supplied by the Danish tannery Dominion Belting. For this first prototype example that went to the master saddlemaker himself, Willy Hendriksen did, however, chose to go even further in terms of quality of craftsmanship. There were no rough leather edges. The leather was hand-carved thin along the edges and bent around the edges, so no rough edges could be felt, but only the smooth side of the leather. The buckles were hand-stitched on, and the back of the chair was made with a thick oxhide on the inside and a softer leather on the backside, so that the leather could take form from the person seated in the chair. It was only for this one chair that the leatherwork was made in this way.

Literature: Grete Jalk [ed.]: “40 Years of Danish Furniture Design”, vol. 3, p. 154–157. Literature: Thomas Mogensen, “Et fuldt møbleret liv”, ill. pp. 166–171.


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Børge Mogensen (b. Aalborg 1914, d. Gentofte 1972)

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