C. W. Eckersberg, school of, 1820s

A little girl with a fruit basket. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 50×38 cm. Period frame.

Provenance: Bruun Rasmussen auction 61, 1955 no. 13, reproduced p. 86. Here fully attributed to Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg.

The little girl's white dress is beautifully painted and with great detail. The numerous folds in the ruffle along the neckline, the puff sleeves and the ribbon under the chest have been highlighted by the artist in countless different shades of white and delicate grey to mimic light and shadow and plasticity. The dress and its draping are very reminiscent of Julie Eckersberg's white dress in Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg's portrait of his young wife from 1817 (The National Gallery of Denmark, inv. No. KMS1763).


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