A 14k gold open-face pocket watch, golden dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds, dial and movement signed Tavannes Watch Co., movement ref. 955, dust cover of gilt metal. Together with an 18k gold open-face and pin-set pocket watch, dust cover of gilt metal. Weight respectively 89 g and 84 g. Case diam. 49 and 47 mm. Together with a 14k gold watch chain. Weight 24 g. L. 27 cm. Brass watch holder included. (3+1)


The watches works, but we do not guarantee for the functionality. Tavannes: Dial with a scratch, plexi glass with worn surface, back case engraved on the inside and outside. Pocket watch of 18k: Defect dial, missing glass, dented case. Wear due to age and use. Bow and crown not gold.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 5 October 2020


8,000–10,000 kr.


Price realised

10,500 kr.  

17 bids

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10,500 kr.
10,000 kr.
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9,000 kr.
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