HAPPY® XMAS TREES decorated in mixed media by schoolchildren from Paarup Skole, Odense, on a concrete foot. Total weight c. 250 kg. H. 210, Ø. 120 cm.

Preview: This HAPPY® XMAS TREE is on display in Odense, “Gågaden Odense”, Vestergade, 5000 Odense C.

If you want to collect the Xmas tree yourself after the auction, please contact Charlotte Frandsen, tel.: +45 5076 7774 or mail: cf@happyxmastrees.com

If you want us to arrange transportation, please contact Bruun Rasmussen Shipping, tel.: +45 88181055 or mail: shipping@bruun-rasmussen.dk

Turning art into sustainability!

Buy an artful Christmas tree and help plant thousands of trees!

The Happy® Xmas Trees event is all about creating Christmas joy both locally and globally through art, creativity and sustainable forestry.

In connection with Happy® Xmas Trees, children from Danish and international schools have decorated 29 Christmas tree sculptures, each based on one of the UN's 17 global goals. The trees have been exhibited in Copenhagen, Odense and Esbjerg and are now being presented at a charity auction for the benefit of tree planting in West Africa.

Your contribution will make a big difference. Approximately 1,000 jatropha trees will be planted for every DKK 5,000 offered for the Christmas trees. This corresponds to an area of about two football fields and can often be the foundation for establishing a smaller village. The locals will be the owners of the trees and fields that are planted, just as they will be educated on how to get the best results from the planting of the jatropha trees and the use of food crops.

The buyer will receive a diploma of participation in the project from Happy® Xmas Trees.

Read more about the project at happyxmastrees.com

Bruun Rasmussen will not be charging any seller’s commission or buyer’s premium in connection with the auction. The proceeds from the auction will go uncut and directly to the planting of trees in West Africa.


Charity auction , 18 December 2019


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