A Russian karelian birch pocket watch with watch chain and case, dial with plaques with Arabic numerals, movement carved of wood. Back case interior with Cyrillic inscription. 19th century. Case diam. 49 mm. Xase L. 10.5 cm. (2).

Provenance: The Danish Envoy and Consul General Hans Poul Hoffmeyer (1893–1962). Secretary of Legation in Vienna, Berlin, Moscow and Warzaw in the 1920s, later Counsellor of the Legation in Berlin, Paris, Turkey, Israel and Greece, and finally Consul General in Hamburg from 1954. Hoffmeyer's interest in collecting antiques were pervasive and he acquired items in all the cities he lived. Thence by descent with residence in Denmark, until today.


Pocket watch and watch chain in very bad state with defects and missing parts. We do not guarantee for the functionality.


Russian theme, 7 December 2020


2,000–3,000 kr.


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12,500 kr.  

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