Arthur Salm (b. Köln 1904, d. Chicago 1988)

“The Hostess”, “The Walden”, “The Hemisphere”, “The Omega”, “The Venetian”, “The Eldora”, “The Lancer”, “The Eldora”, “The Guardsman”, “The Marius” and “The Richelieu”. A collection of stainless steel serving parts, candlesticks, bronze book ends a.o., comprising 27 parts. Partly signed monogram. L. 5–35 cm. (27)


The Hostess: Three bowls. Designed 1967, produced in Sweden. Diam. 17 cm.

The Walden: Two round bowls. Designed 1968, produced in Sweden. H. 7 cm.

The Hemisphere: A pair of brass book ends. Designed 1973. H. 17 cm.

The Omega: Two dishes. Designed 1966, produced in Japan. L. 13 cm.

The Venetian: Three pairs of candlesticks (Komet). Designed 1965, produced in Germany. H. 5 cm.

The Eldora: Bar set (Caracalla). Designed 1961. L. 22 cm.

The Lancer: Combi tool: Letter opener, knife, nail file, scissor, screwdriver. Designed 1967. L. 20 cm.

The Eldora: Serving set for salad. Designed 1961, produced in Australia. L. 31 cm.

The Guardsman: Letter opener. Designed 1960s. L. 25 cm.

The Marius: Serving cutlery. Designed 1960s, produced in Australia. L. 33 cm.

The Richelieu: Serving cutlery. Designed app. 1964, produced in Australia. L. 35 cm.


Ordinary wear of use.


Modern art and design, 10 August 2021


3,000–5,000 kr

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