Aksel Jørgensen (b. Copenhagen 1883, d. s.p. 1957)

“Gade. Sne”. Presumably Frederiksgade in Copenhagen With Frederiks Kirke også kaldet Marmorkirken) Frederics Church also known as The marble Church) on the right, and a view of Tietgens Ærgrelse (Tietgens Annoyance) in Store Kongensgade. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 67×59 cm.

Inscribed on the strecher: Blad.

The Danish banker and industrialist C. F. Tietgen (1829–1901) completed the prestigious building of Frederiks Kirke, wich had been abandoned for over a hundred years. In order to finance the project he planned to erect a circle of exclusive houses creating a rounded space around the church. It, however, prooved impossible for him to tempt the owners of a few small buildings in the street, Store Kongensgade, into selling, and thus that small area of the square was never a part of Tietgens project. The little house on the painting still exists, and it and later buildings on the site were henceforth known as “Tietgens Ærgrelse” - Tietgens Annoyance.

Exhibited: Liljevalchs Konsthall 20, 1919 no. 711 with the title “Gade. Sne”. (Street. Snow.) Here registered as property of Overkirurg (Senior Surgeon) Dr. A. Blad.

Provenance: Bruun Rasmussen auction 230, 1969 no. 667.

This lot is subject to Artist's Royalty.

Minimal crackles. In need of cleaning.


6,000–8,000 kr.


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5,500 kr.  

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