Guy Ernest Debord, Asger Jorn: “Fin de Copenhague”, 1957. Booklet signed Jorn and GE Debord, 64/200.


“Fin de Copenhague”, 1957. Booklet signed Jorn and GE Debord, 64/200. Édition Le Bauhaus Imaginiste, Copenhagen. Printed by Permild & Rosengreen, Copenhagen. 2 pages with smaller marks from having been (slightly) stuck together. Top of spine, worn. Original binding. 28.5×20.5 cm.

Fin de Copenhague (Goodbye to Copenhagen) is the first collaboration between Jorn and Debord. The book was printed within 24 hours as an artistic experiment. Having just arrived in Copenhagen, Jorn and Debord rushed into a newsagents, stole a huge amount of magazines and newspapers, and spent a drunken afternoon collaging elements together. The next day they arrived at the printer with 32 collages, which were transferred to lithographic plates. Jorn then sat at the top of a ladder over the zinc plates, dropping cup after cup of Indian ink onto them. The plates were then etched and printed over the black texts and images. The most sought-after of Jorn's books.

Hofman Hansen (ed.): A bibliography of Asger Jorn's writings, #166 and Thomas Hvid Kromann: “Montager svøbt i matricepap. En materialearkæologisk undersøgelse af Asger Jorn og Guy Debords ”Fin de Copenhague“”, in Fund og forskning, Vol. 54, p. 587, 2015.

Provenance: Art collector Frederik Dam. Hence by descent in the family.

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Guy Ernest Debord (b. Paris 1931, d. Bellevue-la-Montagne 1994)

Asger Jorn (b. Vejrum 1914, d. Århus 1973)


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