Unknown UPI photographer: An original American black-and-white press photograph of the actor Cary Grant (1904–1986) during his visit to Japan in the autumn of 1965. Unclear United Press stamp on the backside as well as a news telegram dated 27.10. 1965. Photo size 19.5×25 cm. Frame size 33×43 cm.

Cary Grant - originally from a modest background in Bristol, England and born as Archibald Leach - established his Hollywood stardom during the 1930s and he soon developed his characteristic and popular acting profile: Sophisticated, witty, charming, yet sometimes also somewhat unreliable. This granted him with the iconic aura, which still surrounds his name.

Cary Grant's private life was complicated and four of his five marriages ended with divorce. As the backside text of the present photograph states, he did not become a father before 1965. The daughter Jennifer was his only child.

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This is an original black-and -white photograph from 1965, which shows normal signs of age and wear.

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