Mikhail & Semen Gratchev (, St. Petersburg)

Collection of seven Russian silver and gilt metal serving pieces, cast with flowers and foliage, engraved monogram. Mikhail & Semen Gratchev, St. Petersburg 1908–1917. Enclosed a Russian silver salt cellar. Indistinct marked, 19th century. (8).

Provenance: Seller's grandfather Kostia Konstantin Voegeding (b. St. Petersburg. 1871, d. 1931), naval officer, adjutant and diplomat at the Russian court. Kostia Voegeding grew up in the bourgeoisie in St. Petersburg and was an only child. After leaving school, he was trained in the financial world, which was also his employment later on in Denmark.

He married Irma Nadine Osthoff and they had a son, Oleg Voegeding, later officer in the Danish army and in the Air Force. After Kostia Voegeding's education in finance, he was trained as a naval officer in the Russian Black Sea Fleet, but in the years towards the Russian Revolution, he served as a diplomate at the Russian court in St. Petersburg for Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

Shortly before the First World War, he was trained as a pilot in Russia and participated on the Russian side during the war. During the Russian revolution he fled from Russia through Finland to Denmark, where he started an exchanger business in Copenhagen and from his home in Gentofte. In Denmark Kostia and Irma Voegeding were part of Russian emigrant circles, including Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia. Kostia Voegeding died on the ferry to Finland where he was going to inspect a sawmill in the Finnish town of Viborg.


Normal patina due to age and use, including scratches and marks.


Silver ▸ Russia


2,000–3,000 kr


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1,900 kr  

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