Trine Søndergaard (b. Grenå 1972)

“Strude”. Signed on sticker on the reverse Trine Søndergaard OI-1866. Anlogue c-print on dipond. Visible size 59×59 cm.

“If, in the traditional view, power and knowledge are attributed to the observing part of the exchange of gazes, Søndergaard's Strude pictures seem to turn the relationship around. Power becomes impotence when, observed, it writes itself out of the logic of the economy of sight: when photography breaks its fundamental promise to register the world and instead concerns itself with invisibility rather than visibility. Instead of giving the beholder an unobstructed view of the issue and satisfying the desire of the gaze to see and be seen, Trine Søndergaard sets up obstacles in the visible field. It is surprisingly enough, the obstacles which make it so infinitely more interesting to see: to attempt to see and be seen.” Camilla Jalving: “Between Visibility and Invisibility”. In: Flemming Friborg og Anne Marie Nielsen (ed.): “Strude. Trine Søndergaard”. Caralogue for the exhibition at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 2010.

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Contemporary art, 24 March 2020


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