The Imperial Porcelain Factory 1891: “The Gothic Service” - Russian cup with saucer. Marked A III 91 / hammer & sickle 1919. (2).


“The Gothic Service” - a Russian porcelain cup with matching saucer, decorated in colours and gold on white ground. Cup marked A III 91 for Tsar Alexander III of Russia (1881–1894), saucer with original mark from The Imperial Porcelain Factory overpainted in green (presumably identical with the mark of the cup) plus marked hammer and sickle 1919. H. cup 7 cm. Diam saucer 13.5 cm. (2).

The Gothic Service from 1832–1834 intended for the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, was designed with Gothic stained glass motifs for one hundred fifty place settings, comprising 1,832 pieces. Additionals were made through the 19th century.

Provenance: Michael Schelderup Kobro (b. Vestre Moland in Norway 1881, d. Lillesand in Norway 1975) was a shipmaster for the Bergen Steamship Company (BDS) from 1915 to 1941. He sailed to St. Petersburg in the 1920s and acquired Russian art and antiques. This is evidenced by several letters that he sent home to his parents and which are still preserved by his family. This can also be seen in the local Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende, which on 2 April 1964, published an article about Michael Schelderup Kobro, where he is interviewed about his long and highly eventful life. Here, Kobro says that in 1920–1927, he led the steamers “S/S Saturn” and “S/S Castor” along the London-St. Petersburg-Riga-Reval route. In St. Petersburg, he acquired Russian porcelain and Russian paintings. The article in Bergens Tidende describes the porcelain as "a coffee service plus vases and teacups etc., which Kobro passed on to his daughter […], have all been used on the Tsar’s table. The porcelain is marked with the Tsar's monogram and shows the year of production as well. The oldest piece comes from Alexander III and was made in 1888”. Thence Michael Schelderup Kobro's grandchild until today.


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Russian theme, 5 December 2019




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