895/​279 A signed antique Kerman carpet, South East Persia. Early 20th century. 525×347 cm.


A signed antique Kerman carpet, South East Persia. A Kerman adaptation of the classical Persian garden design, the watercourses edged with narrow flower borders enclosing Oriental Plane trees and flower beds, within a border of rosettes and botehs. Signed: Tashavongiyan(Armenian family in Persia). Executed in soft natural colours. Early 20th century. 525×347 cm.

The earliest style of garden, or perhaps more accurately ‘pleasure garden’ we know about is the Islamic or mogal garden, dating from the eighth century. These were based on the Persian paradise garden and the most important elements were water, sanctuary and shade which provided a refuge from the daily trials of nomadic desert life. Its form, copied in Persian carpet patterns, was based on the four rivers of life which divided the garden into quarters.


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