Hans J. Wegner: “Cowhorn Chair”. A solid teak armchair. Seat with woven cane. Made by Johannes Hansen.


“Cowhorn Chair”. A solid teak armchair, back with Brazilian rosewood inlays. Seat with woven cane. Model JH 505. Designed 1952. This example made 1960s by cabinetmaker Johannes Hansen, with maker's metal tag.

Provenance: Acquired by current owner's grandfather 1960s.

Model presented at The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition at Designmuseum Danmark, 1952.

Literature: Grete Jalk [ed.]: “40 Years of Danish Furniture Design”, vol. 3, ill. pp. 212–213.

CITES-certificate valid for transport and re-sale within the European Union included.


Wear due to age and use. Marks and scratches. Back with planed top. Defective braid in seat.


Modern art and design, 12 November 2019


Modern furniture


Hans J. Wegner (b. Tønder 1914, d. Gentofte 2007)


5,000 kr.


Price realised

8,000 kr.

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