'L'Etude et la Philosophie'

A Louis XVI gilt, patinated and red marble striking mantel clock, 'Pendule a L'Etude et la Philosophie' after model by Francois Rémond (1747–1812), adorned with spread eagle and allegorical figures, plinth inset with foliate, cherubs and mask panels, round white enamel dial. France, early 19th century. H. 56 cm. W. 66 cm. D. 15 cm.

Literature: Hans Ottomeyer, 'Vergoldete Bronzen' Munchen, 1986, vol. 1, p. 295.

This model, entitled L'Étude et la Philosophie, was an enormously successful and popular model in the late 18th century. It derives from a drawing in a catalogue produced by François Rémond, circa 1785, which incorporates figures designed and supplied to the Sèvres factory for reproduction in biscuit porcelain by the sculptor Simon-Louis Boizot. Rémond was one of the most celebrated ciseleurs-doreurs during the reign of Louis XVI.


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