Vilhelm Hammershøi (b. Copenhagen 1864, d. s.p. 1916)

“Stue. En stor Empire-Sofa fylder hele den venstre Halvdel af Billedet. I Baggrunden læner en læsende Dame, halvt bortvendt, sig op til Sofaens bageste Skab. Foran og tilhøjre staar et af Rammekanten afskaaret - med et rødbrunt Tæppe tildækket - Bord, paa hvilket en krukke paa en bladformet Skaal”. Stue i Strandgade 30. Living room. A large sofa in empire style occupies the entire left half of the painting. In the background a reading woman, half turned away. In front and to the right a table with a reddish-brown carpet. On the table a jar in a leaf shaped bowl. The living room in Strandgade 30. 1904. Signed V. H. Oil on canvas. 70×54 cm.

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Kunst i Privat Eje, 1945, vol. II, p. 89–90, here the painting is highly praised (in Danish): “Hammershøi is represented (in the collection) by an Interior with Figure, in which a young woman is reading a book, as she leans up against a mahogany sofa. It is a painting that with its delicate, subtle colours belongs to the finest tonal paintings within Danish art. Hammershøi has achieved a truly impressive textual effect with the fine reflections in the sofa’s polish, and the composition has none of the emptiness, which often characterizes the living rooms of Hammershøi.”

Provenance: Merchant Simmelhag (1918). Broker A. W. Simmelhag and wife's collection of paintings, Bruun Rasmussen auction 76, 1956 no. 26, reproduced p. 22, here bought by the present owner's family for 3500 DKK.


Condition report on request.


Paintings, 1 March 2016


4,000,000–6,000,000 kr.


Price realised

3,700,000 kr.