A six folded Chinese hardwood screen with panels decorated with antler and walrus with motifs from the legend “The red cabinet's dream”, the frame decorated with openwork ornaments of coloured antler. Late 19th century. Each panel H. 200 cm. W. 46 cm.

Provenance: Engineer John Holmberg born in 1877 at Vennerslund Manor, Falster. Director of Tientsin waterworks 1903–30, designed and established the waterworks in Peking 1908–10. Royal Danish Consul in Tientsin 1920–26. Consul attached to the Danish legation in Peking 1931–36. Member of the Chinese government commission for the prevention and mitigation of floods in 1917.

Auction: Winkel & Magnussen auction no. 349, lot no 1165, 1948 'Former consul in Tientsin John Holmberg's Chinese Collection'.


The submission of bids on this lot number requires the prior registration of a valid debit/credit card, presentation of photo ID and the payment of a deposit of 50.000 DKK on request. Registration of debit/credit card, photo ID and deposit is due no later than the 31st May.

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Oriental sale, 1 June 2016


80,000–100,000 kr.


Price realised

1,200,000 kr.