Four American edged weapons in their scabbards. The first a pattern 1850 officers sabre with a c 79 cm long blade faintly etched with UNION and US in a black painted iron scabbard with brass mounts, the second a pattern 1860 general staff small sword with a c 77 cm long double edged blade in a brass mounted iron scabbard, the third a pattern 1902 officers sword by McLilley & Co with a c 80,5 cm. long single edged blade in a nickel plated iron scabbard and the last is a fraternal sword with a c 79 cm long double edged blade in a brass mounted iron scabbard.


Various conditions.

For the purchased lot we require an import permit from your home country authority. If the buyer of this auction lot lives outside of Denmark, the pick up of the lot can only be conducted by an authorized forwarding agent with a weapons license.

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