A 14k gold hunter cased pocket watch with minute repetition and chronograph, white dial with Arabic numerals, subsidiary seconds and outer 0–60 chronograph scale, signed indistinctly Repetition Min....Chronographe, movement serial no. 254777, dust cover of gold, adorned with medals and marked Heures Repetition Quarts Chronographe Repetition a Minutes. Switzerland, early 20th century. Weight in total 113 g. Case diam. 57 mm. Gilt watch chain included.


The watch can not be wound but can be activated, the chronograph does not function at present, the quarter repetition sounds hollow. We do not guarantee for the functionality. Dial with faded signature and small innner 13–14 Arabic numerals. Glass loose, inlcuded. Case/case band dented. Bow and crown not gold.


12,000–15,000 DKK


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9,000 DKK  

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