Heinrich Dohm (b. Copenhagen 1875, d. s.p. 1940)

Preliminary study for King Christian X crossing the border after the reunification in 1920 (“Christian X rider over Grænsen 1920 efter Genforeningen”). Signed and dated H. Dohm 1921 and inscribed “Forstudie H. D.” (Preliminary study H. D.). Oil on canvas. 190×158 cm.

Depicted in the carriage behind the king, is Queen Alexandrine and her sister Princess Thyra. On horseback, Christian X's two sons, Crown Prince Frederik (IX) and Prince Knud.

The original, which this is a preliminary study for, is located in one of the Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg Palace.


A few minimal peelings. In need of a light surface cleaning.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 28 September 2020


25,000–30,000 kr.


Price realised

65,000 kr.  

23 bids

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