Carl Magnus Stahle: A Russian Rococo Revival silver jug and cover, gilt inside. Assayer Dmitri Ilich Tverskoi, St. Petersburg 1845. Weight 318 g. H. 14.5 cm.


A Russian Rococo Revival silver jug and cover, gilt inside, adorned with rocailles and vine leaves, raised on four low feet. Carl Magnus Stahle, assayer Dmitri Ilich Tverskoi, St. Petersburg town mark, 84 standard. Weight 318 g. H. 14.5 cm.

Provenance: The Danish seller's stepmother's parents, Arne Hammer and his Russian-born wife, Tatiana Konstantinova Hammer, née Martinson. Arne Hammer worked for the Great Northern Telegraph Company and travelled often to Russia in the 1920s. In Irkutsk, he met Tatiana, whom he married and moved to Denmark. Tatiana Hammer belonged to the Russian circles in Copenhagen.


Normal patina due to age and use, including scratches and marks. One foot somewhat wry. Finial slightly loose.


Russian theme, 5 December 2019


Silver ▸ Russia


Carl Magnus Stahle (, St. Petersburg)


2,000–3,000 kr.


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4,600 kr.

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