Vasili S. Semenov (, Moscow 1884)

A Russian silver and nielloed tea caddy, gilt interior, of square form with rounded shoulders, sides with four arched architectural panels depicting Moscow views with St. Basil's Cathedral, the Spasskaya Tower, the Grand Kremlin Palace and the Sukhareva Tower (demolished 1934), all surrounded by nielloed interwoven scrollwork, matching lid. Vasili S. Semenov, assayer Vasili Alexandrovich Petrov 1884, Moscow town mark, 84 standard. Weight c. 490 g. H. 12 cm. W. 9 cm.

Provenance: The married couple Nadejda (Nadja) Lindemann, née Danilovna Borodina (b. Vladivostok 1898, d. Frederiksberg 1982) and Georg Emanuel Lindemann (b. Copenhagen 1896, d. Frederiksberg 1991). He worked as a telegraph operator for The Great Northern Telegraph Company in the years around the Russian revolution in 1917. In Russia he met his future wife in the area of Vladivostok, where they married and settled down. Their son was also born here in 1920. In the late 1930s, they moved to Denmark, bringing among other items this tea caddy with them. Thence by descent to their granddaughter with residence in Denmark, until today.

The elderly married couple Lindemann in their home in Denmark. The above mentioned tea caddy is seen to the right, standing on the sideboard.


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Russian art, 7 December 2020


Silver ▸ Russia


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