C. W. Eckersberg: Portrait of Charles Petit and Catherine Sophie Fiedler. 1816 and 1819. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 52×60 cm each. (2). Period frames.


Portrait of merchant Charles Petit (1776–1823) in black coat, yellow waistcoat, father killers and white cravat and shirt front and his wife Catherine Sophie Petit, née Fiedler (1788–1881) in a black dress with lace collar, headband and red shawl. 1816 and 1819. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 52×60 cm each. Period frames with an old wax seal from Copenhagen's customs house. (2).

Emil Hannover, A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of C. W. Eckersberg no. 210 and 253. He reproduced p. 177 and mentioned p. 188.

The portrait of Charles Petit was the first portrait C. W. Eckersberg painted after his return from his long trip abroad to France and Italy, and it was his first portrait of a bourgeois man. Eckersberg became a pioneer in painting portraits of bourgeois men and women and these portraits characterize the political and economic situation of the period.

Literature: C. W. Eckersberg wrote in his diary 30 December 1816: “Bekomet af Hr. Petit for et Portrait 120 Rbdr”. (Mr. Petit paid me 120 Rbdr for a portrait).

Again the painter wrote in his diary 31 December 1819 : "Imodtaget for Madam Petits Portrait 18 Species. (Received 18 Species for Mrs Petit's portrait).

Provenance: Manufacturer Emil Hornung Petit, Altenburg in Saxony. On the stretcher is written “Altenburg” and “gemahlt von Eckersberg”. The manor Eriksholm. The paintings have never been on the market and has belonged to the same family for generations.


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C. W. Eckersberg (b. Blåkrog near Aabenraa 1783, d. Copenhagen 1853)


200,000–300,000 kr.


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200,000 kr.