Unknown photographer: An original b/w press photograph of the American actor Humphrey Bogart (1899–1957) in the company of his wife, the actress Mayo Methot (1904–1951), as they watch the boxing match between Baby Arizmendi (1914–1962) and the legendary Henry Armstrong (1912–1988) at The Olympic Stadium in Los Angeles on December 1st, 1939. Front with cropping instructions in red. Back with UPI stamp, stamped numbers and a describing news telegram dated December 1st, 1939. Photo size 20.5×25 cm. Frame size 33×43 cm.

No actor from Hollywood's golden years shine brighter than Humphreyt Bogart, yet initially his career moved slowly. He had some minor theatre roles in the 1920s and in 1930 he came to Hollywood, where his breakthrough was “The Petrified Forest” from 1936, a role he had also played on stage. After this he occupied a number og gangster roles, but it was only when he placed himself on the right side of the law that he became “the real Bogart”: A tough individualist and a romantic idealist cleaning up in a corrupot world.

Seller informs

This is an original American b/w press photograph from 1939, which shows surface marks and creases. Furthermore normal signs of handling. Back with some discolouration due to ageing/storage conditions.

Please note that Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers has not physically examined this item, the estimate is solely based on the seller’s photographic material. Therefore, we cannot provide a description of the condition, and it is not possible to request a report on the item’s condition.


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