Gene Polito: An original b/w press or still photo of the Russian-American actor Yul Brynner (1920–1985) in his role as Gunslinger in the film “Westworld” from 1973. Front with red cropping instructions. Back with newspaper notice, publication and filing dates (April 5th 1976, October 19th 1982, February 22nd 1985, February 23rd 1985) and notes. Photo size 23×18 cm. Frame size 43×33 cm.

“Westworld” had a budget of just 1.25 million dollars and was shot in as little as 30 days, mainly in the Mojave Dessert in Southern California. The actors' salaries were very modest - even in the case of Yul Brynner, who received 75.000 dollars for playing Gunslinger. Brynner was in need of money at the time and therefore chose to accept the terms. Ironically, “Westworld” became MGM's biggest financial success in 1973 - despite limited expectations.

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This is an original American press or still photograph from 1976, which shows normal signs of handling.

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