Hans Christian Andersen (b. Odense 1805, d. Copenhagen 1875)

Kunstens Dannevirke, Forspil ved Theatrets Hundredaarsfest. Cph 1848. 1st ed. 8vo. Inscribed by the author on frontwrapper: “Glædeligt Nytår ønkes Axel Fredstrup tænk paa Deres Ven, H.C. Andersen” /“With the Wishes of a Happy New Year for Axel Fredstrup, consider your friend, Hans Christian Andersen”. Bound in full paper, spine worn (Anker Kyster).

Hans Christian Andersen was asked to write a play for the Danish Theatre's 100th-anniversary celebration, which was to be held on 18 December 1848. This resulted in “Kunstens Dannevirke” (The Defence of Art). On the day of the celebration itself, the play, according to Andersen himself, was met with great applause. But according to the critic Meir Aron Goldschmidt, this was not the case when he watched the performance a few days later: “Despite the strong appeal to national feelings, the audience […] showed the rare tactfulness of not clapping”.


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