Unknown photographer: An original b/w press photograph of the American jazz musician Louis Armstrong (1901–1971) during a performance around 1955. Back with notes, including cropping instructions and page location. Photo size 17.5×25.5 cm. Frame size 33×43 cm.

Louis Armstrong - whose popularity among jazz lovers has never been surpassed - can even today be identified on the basis of a few tones, both as a singer and an instrumentalist. And even though that younger generations of jazz musicians have found new inspiration, their role models - or perhaps the role models of the role models - have surely had Louis Armstrong as a role model!

Seller informs

This is an original b/w press photograph from around 1955. Has a creased corner (upper left) and a minor tear (right side). Furthermore normal signs of handling as well as a slightly yellowed back.

Please note that Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers has not physically examined this item, the estimate is solely based on the seller’s photographic material. Therefore, we cannot provide a description of the condition, and it is not possible to request a report on the item’s condition.


Art, antiques & collector's items, 21 January 2021


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