Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (b. Warsaw 1819, d. Copenhagen 1881)

Purchased by The National Gallery of Art in December 2021.

“Valkyrier”. Valkyries. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 70×58 cm.

Exhibited: The Royal Danish Galleries, New Bond Street i London 1871.

After this exhibition The Art Journal wrote: “The motif shows a battle scene with Valkyries sitting on wild and strange horses, very appropriate for such a scene and story. The drawing is wonderfully spirited…”.

“Rådhusudstillingen af dansk Kunst til 1890”, Copenhagen 1901 no. 785a.

ARoS kunstmuseum, Aarhus, “Mellem Verdener”, 2021 no. 12, reproduced. p. 86.

Literature: Jerzy Miskowiak “Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann. Nationalromantikkens enfant terrible” , Frydenlund 2018, reproduced and mentioned p. 111, where the author writes (in Danish): “The Valkyries in Norse mythology are maidens of war and daughters of Odin. With wings, on horseback and with lances in their hands, they make a wild attack on the evil giants and chaos monsters during Ragnarok. Everyone and everything is destroyed, and even the earth burns. But the sun, before it disappears, gives birth to a new sun, and its rays of light, seen behind the Valkyries, awaken a new and better world.”

Jerzy Miskowiak, “Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann”, (English/Polish text). Bosz, Polen 2020, no. 103 mentioned p. 100 and reproduced p. 101.

Provenance: Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann's estate auction 1881 no. 14. Sold to J. Schierbeck. During the exhibition “Rådhusudstillingen af dansk Kunst til 1890” in 1901, the painting is listed as being in Mrs Schierbeck's ownership.

Nellemann & Thomsen auction 716, 1997 no. 2726.

In the present painting, Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann shows another of her many talents, where she throws herself into Nordic mythology/legends.


Paintings & drawings, 30 November 2021


80,000–100,000 DKK


Price realised

80,000 DKK