Arje Griegst (b. København 1938, d. 2016)

“Rosa Konkylie”/“Rose Conch”. A porcelain tureen decorated with rose glaze. Marked monogram, 14180. Royal Copenhagen. Made 1978–1979. H. 28 cm. W. 33 cm.

When Arje Griegst's “Conch” porcelain service was launched by Royal Copenhagen in 1978, it was the result of a careful working process finding the correct moulding technique for the various parts as well as glaze composition. The rose coloured glaze which is seen on the present “Rose Conch” service was costly to make as it contained gold. Therefore the production of the rose coloured service was discontinued in 1984. After this Royal Copenhagen only produced the “White Conch” service. The production continued for a short number of years.


2nd assortment.


Modern art and design, 19 October 2021


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