C. W. Eckersberg (b. Blåkrog near Aabenraa 1783, d. Copenhagen 1853)

“En søkyst. Danske fiskere er i begreb med at gå ud på fangst”. A sea coast. Danish fishermen about to go fishing. Signed and dated E 1832. Oil on canvas. 31×45 cm.

Philip Weilbach, a Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of C. W. Eckersberg, 1872, p. 254 under (in Danish): “Paintings from the sea and Life on the sea, made in the years 1821–1851”.

Emil Hannover, A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of C. W. Eckersberg, 1898 no. 466.

C.W. Eckersberg writes in his diary 8 October 1832 (in Danish): “Started on a small painting depicting fishermen at work” and writes again 1 November same year (in Danish): “The small painting, depicting fishermen about to set out, was completed”.

The painting is lithographed by Peter Henrik Gemzøe (1811–1879).

Exhibited: Charlottenborg 1833 no. 2. Kunstforeningen, “C. W. Eckersberg-udstillingen”, 1895, no. 262.

Literature: Emil Hannover, “C. W. Eckersberg”, Copenhagen 1898, p. 165 and p. 382–383. In this, a reproduction of a description, found among Eckersberg's papers, of the painting (in Danish): “The viewer is on a low shore in front of a fishing village and has a view of the sea, in the distance some ships are seen sailing for a brisk wind, on a clear morning, the wind blows in towards the land. Three fishing families, who are joint owners of a boat, have put this in the water, some of them are still busy making it look great, while others bring the combined fishing nets and gear to the shore and in the boat. A couple of children are playing, a little boy with his little ship, over which the parents seem to rejoice. At the front of the shore, in addition to some fishing gear, is a piece of a mast, ship anchors, etc. from a stranded ship, you can see pieces of its wreck protruding over the water at some distance from the shore and another fishing boat that has sailed out”.

Provenance: Privy Councillor Nicolai Abraham Holten (1833). Merchant E. le Maire (1898). Engineer Johan Petersen's collection, his auction Winkel & Magnussen 180, 1935 no. 25, reproduced p. 11. Farmer Hans Larsen, Ibstrup. Bruun Rasmussen auction 437, 1982 no. 340, reproduced p. 25. Private Danish collection.


800,000–1,000,000 DKK


Price realised

1,300,000 DKK