Karl Gustav Hansen, a.o. (b. Kolding 1914, d. 2002)

Harald Nielsen, a.o. (b. Baarse 1892, d. 1977)

Tias Eckhoff, a.o. (b. Vestre Slidre 1926, d. 2016)

Evald Nielsen, a.o. (b. Stubbekøbing 1879, d. Frederiksberg 1958)

Henning Koppel, a.o. (b. Copenhagen 1918, d. s.p. 1981)

“Kristine”, “Pyramid”, “Cypress”, “No. 29”, “Acorn”, “Caravel” and “Tulip”. 19 various sterling silver and silver coffee spoons. Made and marked by resp. Hans Hansen, Georg Jensen 1933–1944, Georg Jensen after 1945, Georg Jensen 1915–1930, Evald Nielsen and A. Michelsen. Weight 300 g. (19)


“Kristine”: 4 coffee spoons.

“Pyramid”: 1 coffee spoon.

“Cypress”: 4 coffee spoons.

“No. 29”: 3 coffee spoons.

“Acorn”: 2 coffee spoons.

“Caravel”: 1 coffee spoon.

“Tulip”: 4 coffee spoons.


“Pyramid”-spoon engraved “Ole 8–10-34”. “Acorn”-spoons engraved on the reverse: “31–12-1919”. Patina due to age and use including surface scratches and marks, some spoons with dark surface spots on bowl.


2,000 kr.

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