Hans J. Wegner (b. Tønder 1914, d. Gentofte 2007)

“Politiken-chair”. A pair of chairs of black-stained beech. Manufactured on special order by Getama for the canteen at the newspaper Politiken in 1983. (2)

In 1983 the newspaper “Politiken” redesigned their canteen and the “Sikker Hansen” auditorium. The Getama model GE 72 from 1976 was now taken up again, and the chair was made lighter as the legs were tapered. Out of consideration for the printers' dirty fingers, the frames and backs were stained black and the seats were painted in six different bright colors. In the “Sikker Hansen” auditorium a non-foldable variant of the same chair was placed, as this room on a daily base was used as canteen section, but on special occations it should be able to accommodate up to 100 guests, who was seated on long rows of folding chairs joined together. The excess chairs, were stored on special trolleys, which were designed to hold nine chairs arranged in a decorative range. The trolleys were placed around the house as a decorative element.

In connection with the assignment, 100 extra folding chairs were made, which the newspaper sold to its regular subscribers through a supplement called “Politiken Plus”. The chairs were only made for this one assignment, although this was not required by “Politiken”.

After several inquiries the chairs were taken up again and presented at the Furniture Fair in Bella Center in April 1996. Carl Hansen & Son was in charge of the assignment. The standard chair was modeled CH 4, the folding chair model CH 6. The total production of the folding chair was only about 25 pcs. Source: Marianne Wegner.

Seller informs

Normal patina due to age and use, including scratches and marks. Repair in the seat of one chair.

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