Rolf Mahrenholz: Portrait of Asta Nielsen as Bella Burk in Totentanz (Death Danc).


Portrait of Asta Nielsen as Bella Burk in Totentanz (Death Dance). With autograph inscription on verso of frame for Asta Nielsen's daughter: “Til min elskede, lille Jesta. Juleaften. Din Mor. Berlin 1912” (“For my beloved, small Jesta, Christmas Eve. Berlin 1912”). Vintage bromoil gelatine print. Visible size 48,5×38 cm.

This large vintage bromoil print of the Danish silent movie star Asta Nielsen was sent as a Christmas present for her daughter, Jesta in 1912 from Berlin. Jesta was living with Asta Nielsen's mother and sister in Copenhagen and was at the time 11 years old. She did not have much contact with her mother, who had her in secrecy and actually had turned her over to a foster home after her birth. However Asta Nielsen's mother insisted they would take care of the baby, and after a month Asta picked up the baby and left her with her own mother to care for.


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Rolf Mahrenholz (b. 1902, d. 1991)


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