Kaare Klint (b. Frederiksberg 1888, d. Copenhagen 1954)

“Faaborg Chair”. Armchair of mahogany, back and sides stretched with woven cane, seat with sligthly patinated natural leather. Designed 1914. Made and marked by Rud. Rasmussen Cabinetmaker's.

Literature: Noritsugu Oda: “Danish Chairs”, 1999. Illustrated and refered to p. 20.

Kaare Klint designed the Faaborg Chair in 1914 for Faaborg Museum. The Faaborg Chair was thoroughly aligned with its intended function: A light and removable chair for the museum's visitors to move to the exact painting they wanted to study in more detail. Rud. Rasmussen has produced the chair since 1931. It was originally produced in French rattan seat and back but since 1964 it has been produced with a fixed cushion seat covered with Niger leather, oxhide or fabric. The chair is produced in mahogany and European cherry with handwoven French rattan sides and back. Source: Rud. Rasmussen cabinetmakers.


Good condition with light patina. Minor stains on leather.


Modern art and design, 7 January 2020


12,000–15,000 kr.


Price realised

15,000 kr.  

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