Frederik Theodor Kloss (b. Braunschweig 1802, d. Copenhagen 1876)

A Russian squadron at anchor in the Sound off Hveen/Ven. In the distance Kronborg. On the frigate in the foreground, the crew's clothes hang to dry. Signed and dated F. T. Kloss 1830. Oil on canvas. 87×126 cm.

Theodor Kloss was a German painter who took an interest in marine paintings. Hence, I. C. Dahl, a friend of C. W. Eckersberg, encouraged Kloss to visit Eckersberg in Copenhagen. Kloss came to Copenhagen in 1828, where he settled and became part of the large group of marine painters who followed Eckersberg. Eckersberg mentions him for the first time in his diary on 7 December, 1828 (in Danish): “Visited Kloss who wants to paint seascapes, lent him a drawing of the brig Möen”. In the 1830s, Kloss became a private student and a close friend of Eckersberg. In his diary, Eckersberg describes how the two would often go on excursions together to look at the ships in the habour and on the sea around Copenhagen. As an example, on 1 September 1830, Eckersberg writes in his diary (in Danish): “Yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock two Russian liners and a frigate had arrived to Copenhagen. Rented a boat for 9 Mk at Toldboden and sailed out with Mr Kloss to take a look at these ships. .. ”.

The activities of the Russian navy in the waters around Denmark at the end of 1820s, were due to the tense relations between Russia and Turkey. As a result, the sea around Denmark was an area of ​​interest for the great power of Russia with ships from the Russian navy often passing through Øresund and laying at anchor outside Copenhagen and Helsingør. Both Eckersberg and Kloss have painted several marine paintings with ships from the Russian navy. One of Eckersberg's most famous is “The Russian ship of the line 'Asow' and a frigate at anchor at Helsingør” from 1828 at the National Gallery of Denmark (inv. no. KMS608).

The influence of Eckersberg is clearly seen in this work, where Kloss has painted the Russian ships with great precision and attention to the details - just like his teacher.


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